Dr. Natalia Luque

Dr. Natalia Luque is bilingual in English and Spanish and an ADA certified dentist. Her career spans more than twenty-five years working with patients in the U.S., Colombia, and Mexico, so she is well aware of the importance of cultural differences.

She tells us that she chose dentistry because:

The dental work is objective, but the patient is always personal so that she can put compassion into her practice.

Dentistry is dynamic - it is always growing, changing, and improving; it's never dull.

She takes satisfaction in seeing the improvement her work makes in her patient’s mood, self-confidence, and health.

Natalia is genuinely in touch with nature. She lives ecologically and prefers to spend her free time with her many animals: Four rescue dogs, three rescue cats, and seven horses, as well as the owls that only come every winter to nest and reproduce on her farm.  She is committed to regular exercise and especially enjoys volleyball.

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